Singapore Polo Club: Waitrr helping improve operational efficiency and customer experience

Singapore Polo Club: Waitrr helping improve operational efficiency and customer experience

2022 | Case Study 

The Singapore Polo Club, founded in 1886, has truly witnessed the evolution of the island’s nation, serving as the second oldest polo club in the world. As well as being the perfect destination to disconnect from the city’s active flutter, The Polo Club is also situated close to Singapore’s bustling commercial center. With its rustic appeal, and charming open verandah, it draws guests to relax and enjoy the picturesque views after a session of equestrian activities or other sports. 

A historic venue close to the bustling commercial center.

A historic venue close to the bustling commercial center.

The recently inaugurated poolside bistro, The Paddock, is a hub for casual dining for members and guests. Whether they are relaxing by the pool or unwinding at the chukka terrace or left verandah, it satisfies all their wishes from a specially crafted cocktail to a soulful dinner. 

As they offer their services across such a wide floorspace, it would have been a challenge for The Paddock staff to attend to a sea of orders from customers spread widely. This was the cue for Waitrr to step in and work its charm, assisting The Polo Club in the most efficient way possible - automated ordering systems. With the help of Waitrr, the staff can focus on providing a premium level of customer service with maximum engagement - an integral part of a restaurant such as The Paddock.

“The Paddock has been well received by the members and I think the technology has played a strong role. The Waitrr team is easily one of the most responsive tech teams I have worked with in my 30-year restaurant career!” says Rajeev Panjwani CEO of Coriander Leaf & exclusive F&B operator at The Polo Club 

The mammoth footprint required to be covered by the staff, as well as the presence of multiple entry points makes it a challenge for the staff to recognise the presence of new customers, while providing exceptional service. Orders might be missed during peak hours, and guests may start to feel neglected. By implementing Waitrr’s technology, this has inhibited situations such as this, and ensured a seamless experience for both guests and employees. The user-friendly interface enables diners to order hassle-free through the web-based platform, automating The Paddock’s operations. An initial workforce of say 7 members for a particular section can now be reduced to just 4, allowing staff to devote their time towards customer engagement, such as introducing guests to specials and learning about their preferences. This process has ensured paramount customer service while upholding maximum staff efficiency, and has increased The Paddock’s sales as guests feel encouraged to order more delectable drinks and dishes due to the speed of service. Waitrr’s integration with Revel POS systems has also made managing the Polo Club’s member accounts so much easier. 

Waitrr’s technology allows customers to scan Waitrr’s QR code to access The Paddock’s menu via their phone browser (NO app download required!). Customers send in their orders, which are automatically sent to The Paddock’s Revel POS system. Once the customers have enjoyed their drinks and meal, they may get on with their day. Easy!

Today, The Paddock is using Waitrr’s solution to continuously improve their operational efficiency, manage staff shortages and minimize costs, while providing a seamless customer experience. 

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