• Is the Waitrr solution adapted to my outlet? 

    The question redirects people to the uses cases section of the website. We benefit all restaurants no matter the concept.

  • Can people see my entire menu on Waitrr?

    Yes, people can see everything that your outlet proposes, from food to beverages. All menu items are classified in categories and your customers can smoothly jump from a category to another. 

  • Do people need a special tool/app on their phone to use Waitrr?

    No, they just have to scan the QR Code and the e-menu will appear. The QR Code can be scanned with the phone camera.

  • Can the customers choose to pay by cash or is it credit card only? Is it possible for customers to give a tip?

    It is not possible to pay by cash. You can enter your credit card in our ordering system to easily order from your favorite venues. Payments are 100% securised on our website.

  • I have a question concerning my subscription to Waitrr, how can I contact a Waitrr agent?

    Write us an email at the following address: moc.rrtiaw%40olleh

  • Can I have 2 QR Codes? One for food and another for beverages?

    No, it isn’t possible. The QR Code you will receive will display both food and beverages for your restaurant. The items will be classified by categories, for example: ‘’starters’’, ‘’main courses’’ or ‘’red wine’’. People will be able to easily differentiate between food and beverages.