• Which POS systems do you integrate with?

    We integrate with a wide array of POS systems:
    •⁠ Revel⁠⁠
    •⁠ Lightspeed⁠⁠
    •⁠ ⁠⁠Square
    •⁠ ⁠⁠NCR
    •⁠ ⁠⁠Oracle / Micros
    •⁠ Shiji Infrasys
    •⁠ ⁠⁠Raptor
    •⁠ ⁠⁠And 150+ more, please contact us to find out if your POS system is integrated with Waitrr.

  • Is the Waitrr solution adapted to my outlet? 

    We benefit all restaurants no matter the concept. Feel free to reach out to us through email at moc.rrtiaw%40olleh or by filling out this quick questionnaire to learn more about our offer.

  • How much does Waitrr cost?

    Feel free to check our prices on our pricing page.

  • Will average spend per order go up or down once we start using Waitrr?

    It will definitely go up! Many restaurants report 20% increase.

  • Will table turns actually increase?

    Yes! Waitrr saves 15 minutes per order on average during dine-in services. Saved time per table means more customers can come in and dine at your outlet.

  • How many staff members can I expect to save?

    It depends on how big your outlet/team is, but most of our restaurant partners report savings of up to five.

  • Do people need a special tool/app on their phone to use Waitrr?

    No need to download the app. People can simply scan the QR Code in your outlet and the e-menu will appear. The QR Code may be scanned with a smartphone camera.

  • Can people see my entire menu on Waitrr?

    Absolutely! Customers get to view everything your establishment offers, including drinks and food. All menu items are classified in categories and they can smoothly jump from one category to another. 

  • Can I make some items only available for dine-in, some for takeaway, or a combination?

    Yes, it is possible. We can set it up to be available for dine-in only, takeaway only, or both according to your preference.

  • Can I set up a timetable so items switch on/off automatically at certain times?

    This is also possible. We can set your menu up accordingly (ie Dinner should only be available from 6pm-9pm; Set meals are only available on weekdays, etc.).

  • Can I have 2 QR Codes? One for food and another for beverages?

    The QR Code that your outlet receives will display both your food and beverage offerings. The products will be arranged into groups/categories such as "starters.," "main courses," and "red wine." People will be able to easily differentiate between food and beverages.

  • Will orders go to the correct station in my kitchen/bar?

    The orders will appear according to where you assign them (ie: if you assign Beer to the bar, it will appear on the bar).

  • Do you have an integrated loyalty program?

    Yes, we have. Either through stamps (ie for every $10 spent, they will receive one stamp, and when customers collect 5 stamps they will receive a discount code that they can use for their next visit) or Waitrr Reward (ie for every order successfully made, customers will receive points and those points correspond to a certain item that they can order for free on their future orders).

  • Can the customers choose to pay by cash or is it credit card only? Is it possible for customers to give a tip?

    Cash payments are not available, however, your guest can enter their credit card in our ordering system to easily order from their favorite venues. Payments are 100% secured on our website.

  • Will payments go to Waitrr and then you pay me, or will I receive the funds directly to my bank account?

    The funds will be deducted from the guest’s card/account (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay, VISA, Mastercard, etc.) and then transferred to our payment gateway. They will deduct the credit card fees & Waitrr’s fees, then transfer the remainder to your bank account.

    In summary, Waitrr only receives our fee, not the full amount. The funds are securely managed by our payment gateway partners.

  • I have a question concerning my subscription to Waitrr, how can I contact a Waitrr agent?

    Feel free to drop us a message by filling out this questionnaire or via email at moc.rrtiaw%40olleh and we will be glad to assist you.