Boost Your Restaurant's Sales with Waitrr

Boost Your Restaurant's Sales with Waitrr

The restaurant industry is abuzz with changes across all aspects, thanks to the pandemic that transformed the way the world functions. Although businesses are opening up, the way people eat out has changed radically due to the emphasis on safety measures such as social distancing and contactless transactions. Restaurants are adapting to the ‘new normal’, stepping up their game on the technology front with restaurant ordering solutions such as Waitrr that ensures their customers get the best of both worlds - the experience of enjoying a meal with friends and family, and providing a safe and hassle free process to book tables, place orders and pay. Easy as pie! 

As a restaurant owner, you always need to be on the lookout for opportunities to enhance profitability of your business. Waitrr provides an efficient and user-friendly mobile ordering solution that allows restaurants to do just that. Waitrr can do all that and so much more! It drives restaurant revenue and can give a much needed boost to your bottom line, while significantly lowering your cost of labor spent.

Enjoy a hassle free meal with friends and family

Enjoy a hassle free meal with friends and family

Average order size goes up

Digital transformation is the tried and tested way to capture customer data, and Waitrr can do that for you - it is designed to collect customer data. It utilises CRM information to offer suggestions to your customers as they browse through your menu. They will be encouraged to try the special of the day, add a side-dish, add extra toppings or even try a new addition to the menu, all of which could simply be skimmed over when using a traditional menu. Waitrr will send notifications about much-loved menu items, further increasing repeat business. Using Waitrr’s data, you can personalise offers for your patrons, and make ordering from your restaurant even more appealing. One can imagine how streamlining ordering and personalisation can lead to revenue improvements. 

Leverage the power of digital analytics

Waitrr provides restaurants access to an array of insights with which you can locate areas that may need some improvement, such as identifying peak hours, the release of promotions, where to cut extra costs, dishes that were not well-liked by customers and so on - which will further help you maximise your earnings. All it takes is 2 business days to set up Waitrr and upgrade your game!

Convenience is the key

An online food ordering solution for restaurants such as Waitrr, will allow your customers to place orders from their convenient location. Your customers will be able to breeze through a seamless experience by viewing the menu, tweaking their orders if need be and paying at the click of a button. 

Moreover, with the QR ordering & payments system in place, Waitrr has simplified the entire process. Your customers don’t even need to download an app! All they need to do is access their phone camera, scan the QR code and access your restaurant’s e-menu, and all of Waitrr’s features. Waitrr’s integration with Google Pay provides even more opportunities for restaurants to attract customers in the area, thereby ensuring that your restaurant stands out and provides them with a convenient and efficient payment option.

Get that edge with Waitrr

Thanks to Waitrr, you will be able to cut down on costs such as manpower. Waitrr also facilitates efficient use of staff to understand the customers’ tastes and preferences, recommending dishes and adding a personalized touch to their dining experience. This in turn will ensure that your customers come back for more! 

Your customers can enjoy the convenience of Waitrr by ordering their favourite food from their home/office/car, ensuring an increase in your average ordering size. That sure sounds like the right formula for success! Try it and see for yourself! 

With the convenience of Waitrr, your customers can place their order from anywhere

With the convenience of Waitrr, your customers can place their order from anywhere

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