Waitrr vs. Revel's Online Ordering Solution: Which one is right for me?

Waitrr vs. Revel's Online Ordering Solution: Which one is right for me?

We sometimes receive questions from restaurants: Why should we choose Waitrr's online ordering when Revel has their own?

When comparing Waitrr's online ordering system to Revel's, several factors may make Waitrr a more attractive option for restaurants.

Here are some of them:

1. Waitrr has More Attractive UI/UX

Waitrr's platform offers a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for both restaurant staff and customers. Simplified navigation and streamlined ordering processes can lead to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. Moreover, a well-designed UI/UX can also benefit restaurant staff by simplifying order management, reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency. Clear dashboards, order tracking systems, and customizable settings can empower restaurant staff to manage online orders seamlessly, ultimately enhancing operational productivity and customer service.

Click here to check out an example menu: https://order.waitrr.com/restaurants/886/menu

2. Fully Integrated Loyalty & Rewards Program

Waitrr's fully integrated loyalty program incentivizes repeat business and fosters customer loyalty by offering rewards for online orders.  Such integration allows customers to earn points or rewards, and redeem points for free items or vouchers for every online order they place through Waitrr, encouraging them to return for future purchases. Restaurant staff can download the email addresses of guests who opt-in to this Loyalty & Rewards program. The system can automatically track and manage loyalty points, making it convenient for both customers and restaurant staff. This feature sets Waitrr apart from Revel, providing restaurants with a powerful tool to enhance customer engagement and boost sales. 

3. Premium Customer Support

Waitrr provides responsive customer support services to address any issues or concerns that restaurants encounter while using the platform. Quick resolution of problems can minimize disruptions to business operations. This includes services such as dedicated account managers, priority response times for inquiries, and personalized assistance tailored to the restaurant's specific needs. This level of support can be crucial for restaurants to quickly resolve any issues, optimize their use of the platform, and ensure a smooth online ordering experience for both staff and customers.

4. Better Pricing for Credit Card Transactions

One potential advantage of Waitrr over Revel is more competitive pricing for credit card transactions. Lower transaction fees can significantly impact a restaurant's bottom line, especially if they receive a high volume of online orders. Waitrr may offer discounted rates or negotiate favorable terms with payment processors, resulting in lower costs for processing credit card payments. This can help restaurants save money on transaction fees and increase their profit margins on online orders. Additionally, transparent pricing structures and the absence of hidden fees can provide restaurants with greater financial predictability and control over their expenses.

5. Fewer Input for Guests

Waitrr's online ordering system requires fewer inputs from guests compared to Revel, making the ordering process quicker and more convenient. By streamlining the input requirements, Waitrr reduces friction in the ordering process, leading to improved customer satisfaction and potentially higher conversion rates. This advantage can make Waitrr a more attractive option for restaurants seeking to provide a seamless and efficient online ordering experience for their customers.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to choose Waitrr or Revel for online ordering will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the restaurant. It's essential for restaurants to carefully evaluate the features, benefits, and costs of each platform before making a decision. Additionally, testing out demos or trial periods can provide valuable firsthand experience to inform the decision-making process.

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