Manpower Shortage in Singapore F&B Establishments

Manpower Shortage in Singapore F&B Establishments

What is Manpower Shortage?

Manpower shortage is when there are insufficient qualified candidates to fill the marketplace demands for employment. F&B establishments are a part of the hospitality industry and this is a very difficult, challenging and demanding industry that requires businesses to meet and deal with customers high level of expectations.

80% of restaurant owners commented that they struggle to find staff that can provide great service. Additionally, with tightening restrictions on foreign labor it becomes even more difficult to find staff. What are the consequences of this issue? Restaurants may not be able to meet demand, provide poor service and giving diners an uneventful dining experience due to fewer staff members. 

Another cause is that this industry requires people to work long hours but with low pay around $2000 per month. Resulting in people driving themselves away from the hospitality industry, pursuing careers in other lucrative industries where they could potentially earn better and gain benefits with suitable working hours. The Ministry of Manpower had stated that there was a 6.4% vacancy in the hospitality industry in 2017. In order to eliminate this problem, most establishments are allowing students and teenagers to work part-time jobs, retirement age has increased, providing better pay with benefits and having flexible hours.  

F&B Establishment providing benefits and incentives to recruit staff

F&B Establishment providing benefits and incentives to recruit staff

How can Waitrr help?

Waitrr is a mobile ordering and payments solution that creates seamless dining experiences for guests and restaurant partners. With Waitrr, consumers can save up to 15 minutes for dine-in. On the other hand, restaurants have seen a 40% improvement in staff efficiency and a 20% increase in table turnover. These stats show that Waitrr has a positive impact on both users and F&B establishments. It also helps solve the issue of manpower shortage which is becoming a problem in most F&B establishments in Singapore.


Waitrr is fully automated and requires users to use the app on their mobile phones and order their food. This would require a limited workforce for most F&B establishments as most of the work is done on the app. The main task for the staff is to bring the food, since the process of ordering and getting the bill is eliminated. Due to this, F&B establishments will not have to worry about looking for part-timers or efficient full-time employees. Furthermore, it would save costs for these establishments as there are lesser salaries, benefits, and training to be given out. 

Ordering and Payments all done on the phone

Ordering and Payments all done on the phone

Additionally, with Waitrr, restaurants can improve their customer service. With the process of no longer needing to take orders and collecting payments, the staff members can focus on providing better and faster service to provide a better dining experience. This could meet these high expectations of diners. With food coming faster and lesser waiting time, diners appreciate and respond faster to this. 

In Singapore, most restaurants are seeing a dip in profit margins as there are high costs and lower sales. With Waitrr, restaurants are immediately saving costs in terms of manpower, which helps improve the profit margins. On top of that, there are no upfront costs, unlike other firms, which means even more savings and less risk for restaurants.

Why Waitrr?

Waitrr is beneficial for F&B establishments in Singapore. How? Fewer staff members required due to faster table turnover, lesser costs, better profit margins, and better services for diners. All these factors could lead to a growth in the F&B industry in Singapore and in the long-run improve economic growth.

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