Interviewing great restaurant employees

Interviewing great restaurant employees

Why the interview process is important

Performing interviews are crucial because they will allow you to find effective candidates. It will also provide you with an opportunity to learn about the applicants' other characteristics, which will help you in determining the those who could be a successful addition to your business. 

An efficient restaurant interview should be a multi-step process that ensures you choose a job candidate with the right proficiencies and the ability to fit in with your current team. This includes not only asking the right restaurant interview questions, but also putting your prospective employees' skills to the test. 

Find out your candidates strengths to determine how they will fit in your business

Find out your candidates strengths to determine how they will fit in your business

Check a candidate's professional experience

By asking targeted questions during an interview, you may assess a candidate's qualifications, work experience, and industry expertise. The responses of the candidates can assist you in figuring out who has the best background for your company's objectives. Knowing a candidate's skills and experience can also help you evaluate whether you will need to provide them with additional training once they have been hired. 

Analyse a candidate's hard and soft skills 

Interviewing a candidate can help you identify their proficiency in a variety of hard and soft skills. You may offer questions pertaining to their levels of communication, problem-solving and teamwork to assess their soft skills. You may include a hard skills exam to verify a candidate's ability to accomplish a specific task for positions that need technical skills. 

Find the most qualified candidates 

Interviews can assist you in identifying the individuals who are best qualified for the position since they allow you to examine their experience, talents and professional background. This may help you select the best prospects for the next stage of the employment process. It can also help your organisation fill essential positions quickly by speeding up the recruitment process. 

What to look for

Confidence, great attitude and an adaptive personality will boost your team

Confidence, great attitude and an adaptive personality will boost your team

Confidence is key

When a candidate is confident during an interview, it shows that they believe in their experience, knowledge, and skills which will be appropriate for the position. Confidence can also indicate that a candidate has a good chance of succeeding in a leadership position at your restaurant. Furthermore, a confident candidate can effectively highlight soft skills such as customer service and teamwork. 


An employee's attitude can influence the overall work environment, it is therefore critical to find candidates with a positive attitude. You can assess a candidate's attitude by paying close attention to the words they use when answering questions. They may have a positive attitude if they typically focus on problem solving, learning from mistakes, and collaboration. Understanding a candidate's attitude can also help you predict how they will interact with colleagues, and customers. 

Adaptive Personality

Restaurant staff and other non-desk employees should be versatile. Being a vital frontline restaurant worker with the added risk and pressure of serving clients, answering phones, taking reservations, clearing tables, and everything in between isn't for the fainthearted. It is best to foster the enthusiasm of quick learners who are always up for a challenge as they will thrive in this setting. 

People are more likely to leave their current jobs these days. There has been a significant rise in staff turnover and attrition rates in the restaurant industry. Restaurants will struggle if they employ the wrong individuals, hence the high turnover rates. The right staff must be hired and trained thoroughly, as an untrained team could be harmful for your business. You must therefore invest a lot of time here to provide them with good training, especially in the case of new employees. 

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