How to Order Tea in Singapore

How to Order Tea in Singapore

If you're in Singapore and looking for a nice cup of tea, you're in for a treat. Singapore vividly reflects its unique blend of cultures in its tea and coffee offerings. Read below if you are looking to understand how to order tea, and also if you are looking for the best tea shop to order from!

The Basics of Ordering Tea in Singapore

In Singapore, tea is a part of the daily ritual. The two most popular terms you'll encounter are "Teh" (tea in Malay) and "Kopi" (coffee in Malay). These words are important because they are the basis for ordering at a local coffee shop, also called 'kopitiams'.

Varieties of Local Tea

- Teh Halia: This is ginger tea, a soothing blend perfect for those looking for a spicy kick.

- Teh Tarik: Literally meaning "pulled tea," this is a frothy tea made by 'pulling' the liquid between two containers to create a thick foam. A must-try experience.

- Teh O Kosong: Tea with hot water and no sugar. Ideal for those watching their sugar intake.

- Teh with Condensed Milk and Sugar (Teh Gah Dai): Sweet and creamy tea made with strong brewed tea and condensed milk.

How to Customize Your Order

Singaporeans often customize their tea orders to suit their taste preferences. Here are some terms to help you order like a local:

- Siew Dai (less sweet): If you find standard local teas too sweet, you can ask for less sugar with "siew dai."

- Kosong (no sugar): For those who prefer their tea without any sweetness, "kosong" is the term to use. 

- Di Lo (extra thick): For tea lovers who enjoy a stronger brew, ask for "di Lo."

Where to Order the Best Tea in Singapore

There's no single "best" tea shop in Singapore—each has its own charm and specialty. You've probably heard that one before, right? But if you're seeking a recommendation, why not explore through Waitrr? Our platform supports a variety of restaurants and coffee shops across Singapore, chosen specifically for their exceptional service—not just average. Use the take away service so you can pick up your coffee after ordering!

Based on data and customer feedback, we're confident you'll enjoy the experience at places like Old Tea Hut, among others. By following the link you can check the menu and see if any of them suit you. Enjoy exploring the diverse tastes of Singapore with just a few taps!

Pairing Tea with Local Foods

Don't hesitate in pairing your cup of tea order with other orders. With Waitrr services, you will have insights on other awesome restaurants for take-away. Tea in Singapore is often enjoyed alongside various local snacks and dishes that complement its flavors beautifully

Exploring these pairings through Waitrr's platform can not only elevate your tea experience but also introduce you to a broader aspect of Singapore’s culinary delights, directly from the comfort of your home or at a local eatery

Waitrr Services

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