Top 7 Build-Your-Own-Salad Bars in Singapore

Top 7 Build-Your-Own-Salad Bars in Singapore

As a result of a hectic work schedule and stress-eating, salad bars have become one of the most profitable establishments in the F&B industry in Singapore, especially in and around the Central Business District. Among the varied salad shops, it is difficult to differentiate between the ones that have value-for-money, are in convenient locations, and provide the freshest ingredients.

Evidenced by research, Singapore could hit obesity rates of 15% in just 7 years. The introduction of salads bars is in a bid to contribute to solving the current challenges of obesity that has been associated with fast foods considered unhealthy. Despite an effort by some F&B establishments to introduce superfood salads, the quality of their food in terms of taste and attractiveness is still wanting.

Your long search for an affordable and scrumptious salad bar is over, with our list of the top 7 build-your-own salad bars in Singapore.

    1. The Daily Cut

During the lunch hour on a typical weekday, you are frequented by the sight of people carrying a pink bag, with the word ‘Sustenance’. The average white-collar worker in CBD is no stranger to this staple. A nutritious quick meal that is worth every last dollar.

You might want to get here early as the endless line forms long before the lunch hour. Got a one-hour lunch break and don’t want to spend half the time waiting in line? Download Waitrr and order your lunch in advance to pick it up as and when convenient for you.

2. Kipos

As a picky eater, DIY bowls are the go-to solution. Your lunch fix is satisfied with this delicious and healthy lunch option. Don’t miss out on this typical, casual, lunch-time joint. There is a bowl for every person with any diet. They serve heartily prepared food for the everyday worker, in a trendy Instagrammable spot at Tanjong Pagar Centre (beside Boost Juice).

Kipos believes in food that is ethically grown. They go to great lengths to ensure that they live out their motto: “Eat green. Live green.”

Quality is prioritized as ingredients are guaranteed to be fresh. Worry not about the concerns of any unhealthy cooking practices as they keep a majority of their food in a raw and natural state, without the use of any oil, sugar, salt, or preservatives. Enjoy your meal guilt-free!

3. Katto

Local DIY salad bowls with a Japanese twist. At a mere nearly thirteen dollars, Katto serves a

 Main Size Bowl with a choice of brown or white rice (brown with eighteen grains), two mains, and two sides. Katto is home to one of the many nutritious salad bars in the heart of Singapore.

Based on community favourites, we would strongly recommend the Miso Butter Corn and Chicken Rice Chili. Definitely, one of the freshest poke bowls you can get yourself in CBD, without paying through the nose.

4. Urban Mix

You call the shots on your nutritional journey. Urban Mix, yet another great salad bar in the Central Business District of Singapore. With a perfect proportion of all the components and a versatile salad base, you are guaranteed a generous portion of proteins, sufficient to fuel you for the rest of the day.

Urban Mix (sister company of Vatos Urban Tacos), promises a bowl packed with flavour and nutrients, and no regret.

5. Salad Shop

For a quick lunch with a promising well-seasoned

 bowl and a riverside view, visit Salad Shop at Raffles Place. If you’re looking for healthy food that is not tasteless, Salad Shop is the right way to get your fibres and proteins, keeping you full for the whole day.

You will be spoilt for choice with all the ingredients. As the office crowd that flocks here daily can testify, you can change your base to baby spinach at no additional cost, unlike many other salad bars in Singapore. The prices aren’t exorbitant for the generous amount of protein you get in your customizable bowls.

6. Omnivore

Through their huge portions, Omnivore promises ambrosial salad bowls. The F&B establishment is one of our favourite stops for a quick and healthy protein-filled meal.

Dulcet or piquant, you can customize your bowl to your own liking with their variety of dressings, ranging from Honey Mustard to Tangy Vinaigrette to Oriental Spicy Dressing.

7. Da Paolo

Committed to quality and authenticity, Da Paola is 

renowned for its dedication to its family traditions. If you’re looking to enjoy a hearty salad in a gorgeous setting during your lunch break, Da Paolo is the spot you need to hit. Their Greens & Grains bowls are a new addition to the menu that you cannot afford to miss.

Before you take off, don’t forget to reward yourself with their sinful and generous desserts menu. Our personal favourite – their N-Cake (made with Nutella)

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