Going Cashless: the Benefits and Time Savings of Online Payments

Going Cashless: the Benefits and Time Savings of Online Payments

In the early days of paper money circulation, the idea of replacing cash with an electronic or digital medium was unthinkable. The cashless revolution is growing around world, led by fintech companies and online payment systems such as Stripe, PayPal, Venmo and Square. These days, these large corporations are busier than ever. Merchants of all shapes and sizes are already rushing to offer digital payment solution to customers who want to avoid paying with cash. 

Several of Waitrr's restaurant partners are already 100% cashless and here are a few reasons why you should do the same: 

Save time for you and your team

Online payments save time, which is one of its most noticeable advantages. This is true for both the customer and your restaurant business. When customers can make online payments, they obviously save time having to go to the ATM. Your administrative burdens are also significantly reduced. For instance, your service crew will no longer have to spend precious hours counting the cash at the end of the night, and you won't have to do the dreaded cash runs. 

Increase convenience for your customers

Going completely cashless allows your customers to leave behind their concerns about being unable to dine at your establishment due to a lack of cash in their pocket. Exchange rates (for tourists) and currency withdrawal will no longer concern them - their mobile device will take care of everything. 

Reduce errors

Going cashless not only saves money but significantly reduces human error. While POS systems automatically calculate change, even top staff members can make mistakes and give the wrong change to customers, and therefore fail to balance the till at the end of their shift.  

Cut down theft

While we all want to believe our staff members are completely trustworthy, holding cash at your restaurants may tempt some of them to steal from you. It is an unfortunate fact that a person who finds themselves in a desperate situation will seek desperate ways to escape it. One of your best team members may commit theft if their circumstances change and they ever find themselves in debt. These risks are alleviated in a cashless restaurant.

Waitrr has integrated with Google Pay platform for a seamless and secure payment experience

Waitrr has integrated with Google Pay platform for a seamless and secure payment experience

How Waitrr has integrated with convenient and secure payment experiences! 

For a long time now, customers who order with Waitrr have been able to pay with credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay. To build on this however, Waitrr recently integrated with the Google Pay platform to provide your customers with a more seamless ordering and payment experience!

Now, restaurants who sign up with Waitrr and become participating food merchants with the Google Pay app, will be available to all Google Pay users exploring food options within the app. Users can browse Waitrr's list of restaurants, order and pay directly with Google Pay.

With this seamless integration, your restaurant will gain visibility, convenience and security! Google Pay protects your customer's payment info with industry-leading security technology, so they can pay with peace of mind.

Give your customers a faster, simpler and more secure way to checkout! 

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