Why service plays a big role in the F&B industry?

Why service plays a big role in the F&B industry?

What does service mean in the F&B?

Service is defined as “the action of helping or doing work for someone.” This is the most important aspect in the hospitality and F&B industry. Without service, the F&B industry is doomed to fail and suffer negatively. 

What does service really mean in the F&B industry? It means providing diners and customers with the best and most memorable experience. It also means providing a high level of customer service to live up to the high expectations that most customers have when they are out at different F&B establishments. This could mean, faster food service, presentable personality, positive vibes or welcoming atmosphere. For example, the waiters having a positive attitude by having smiles and greeting guests in their own unique way would entice diners to a great dining experience. This makes the experience significantly better and would potentially result in them wanting to come back and dine again. 

Good service leads to better reputation for establishments

What effects does customer service have?

What are the positive benefits of good customer service? More potential diners and repeat customers leading to better brand loyalty. More sales mean more revenue and in result, the restaurant becomes more profitable.

What are the negative effect of poor service? Firstly, it would make diners feel unwelcome and reluctant to go back again. It could leave a bad image and potentially bad comments on social media sites, poor reviews by food critics on newspapers and the internet which in result could lead to lesser diners which means lower revenue and profits. This is something most F&B establishments would want to prevent so that they can stay in business and remain profitable in the long run.

A report by The American Express stated that customers are more likely to share negative reviews than positive reviews. Another big consequence of poor customer service is that it could potentially lead to the best employees choosing to leave the restaurant because they are the ones who have to put in extra effort in order to pick up the slack from the employees who are performing poorly. These consequences have large costs on restaurants and also shows the level of importance of service in the F&B industry. 

How can Waitrr help establishments?

Waitrr is a mobile ordering and payments solution that creates seamless dining experiences for guests and restaurant partners. With Waitrr, consumers can save up to 15 minutes for dine-in. They can experience better and faster customer service which most diners expect. It also has a loyalty program which incentivizes users to order using the app.

Firstly, Waitrr reduces the required manpower as most of the work is done on the app. It gives restaurants the chance to provide better customer service and living up to expectations. Secondly, with better service, F&B establishments could have a positive reception. Thirdly, it reduces the total costs for restaurants. With there being no upfront costs and less costs on staff members, restaurants can have a higher profit margin. Customers benefit from less waiting time since ordering and payments are done on the app. 

With Waitrr providing many benefits for both F&B establishments and customers, better customer service can be more present in Singapore restaurants leading to better customer satisfaction. 

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