QR Code Ordering and Payment System

Manage orders with our QR Ordering System. Enhance service with digital menus and secure, cashless payments. Get started now!

QR Code Ordering and Payement System for Restaurants

How it Works

Customer scanning QR Code to access digital Menu

Scan The QR Code Menu

Guests simply scan the QR code at their table to access the digital menu. This contactless method enhances convenience by replacing physical menus with QR code menus.

Selecting Custumized E-Menu for restaurant

Choose A Meal

Customers use the e-menu to select and customize their meals. Our QR code ordering system integrates smoothly with your POS system, streamlining order accuracy and kitchen efficiency.

Customer Using The QR Code payement system on his phone

Pay and Enjoy!

Complete the experience with our QR code payment system that accepts all cashless payments method (Apple Pay, Google Pay, VISA, Mastercard, etc.). Quick, secure transactions ensure a pleasant dining experience and faster table turnover.

Why Us?

Understand Why, From All Available Services, 500+ Venues Have Chosen Us

Reliability of our QR Ordering System

Waitrr has helped over 500 venues achieve and surpass their goals. Our QR ordering and payment system has proven to drastically increase revenue. It allows for quicker transactions and more frequent table turnover. Restaurants experience enhanced staff efficiency and improved customer service, leading to stronger customer loyalty and reduced drop-off rates.

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    ""We have seen a significant improvement in our restaurant efficiency and customer experience since we started using Waitrr's QR ordering and payment system. It has helped us overcome staffing challenged and increased table turns, while maintaining the quality of service we are known for."

    Shirlynn Eng, Co-founder Atlas Coffeehouse

Some of our clients

Explore leading restaurants thriving with our QR Code System

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Benefits of choosing Waitrr


Raise awareness & drive interest

Thanks to our marketing tools and loyalty programs we will help you to capture new clients and make sure to maintain their interest.

Increase staff efficiency

Receive orders directly from your customers, and streamline your workflow! Let your staff focus on efficiently preparing and serving orders!

Higher table turnover

Our technology reduces waiting times for your customers, increasing table turns in a 20% which means more sales for you!

Customer loyalty

We offer a loyalty program that seamlessly rewards loyal customers with incentives to return or incites them to purchase more with upselling suggestions.

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Increase revenue

Customers spend 30% more on mobile. Increase your revenue by allowing your customers to easily order and pay on their mobile phones. Contactless payments thrive in this new era.

Improve customer service

Less time spent taking orders and settling payments means your staff can spend their time providing your customers with amazing service!

Reduce drop-off rates

Let your customers skip the queue by allowing them to order from anywhere for pick up at their desired time. Help them save time!

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Regular updates

Waitrr is constantly working hard to bring improvements and new features to make your lives easier and more efficient — at no extra cost!

Quick setup

Keen on signing up with Waitrr? Provide us with the materials we need, and Waitrr can go live at your restaurant in as fast as one day!

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