Order and pay on your phone in restaurants!

order and pay
on your phone
in restaurants

Where is Waitrr:


How Waitrr works:

Scan the QR Code

Scan a QR Code on the

Step 1

Order on your phone!

Easily order from your
own phone

Step 2

Enjoy your meal!

Wait for your order and
enjoy your meal!

Step 3

Pay on your phone

Wait for your order and
enjoy your meal!

Step 4

Benefits of Waitrr:

Free of Charge

Ordering through Waitrr is free of charge. No fees or additional charges, no price markups, no wallet to top up. Convenience completely free!

No more hassle of
splitting bills

Splitting bills can be annoying and lengthy. With Waitrr you pay only for your order so no more need to split the bill! Want to invite someone? Place their orders through your app.

Instant cashless

You don't need cash to use Waitrr. At the end of your meal, pay through the app and we’ll charge your credit card or PayPal account. We’ll send you the receipt by email.

More personal time

Forget looking for the waiter’s attention for minutes. Spend more time paying attention to your loved ones!

No more wrong or
missed orders

Waitrr orders pop-up immediately at the bar or in the kitchen. Orders are always done by you, so you'll always get exactly what you ordered!

Two taps to order

Ordering your favorite meal or drink takes seconds. Browse the menu as soon as you sit down. Select. Confirm. Done. It's that easy!