Get discovered with Waitrr on Google Pay

Google Pay is now available to both iOS and AndroidTM devices with new features including one that allows users to order food ahead of time and pay using the app. Waitrr’s integration with the Google Pay platform means that when you sign up with Waitrr, you can also onboard to become a participating food merchant with the Google Pay app, in just a few easy steps.
Once the set up is complete, your restaurant becomes available to all Google Pay users exploring food options within the app. Users can browse Waitrr’s list of restaurants, order and pay directly with Google Pay. Give your customers an faster, simpler way to checkout.



Google Pay is available for download on Google Play or the App Store. In a few easy steps, you can become a participating food merchant with Google Pay via Waitrr and users of Google Pay will be now be able to discover your restaurant and order with Google Pay, increasing your visibility.


Orders from Google Pay are processed similarly to Waitrr’s other services, like QR ordering. Your kitchen receives orders from your POS or on a tablet to seamlessly fit in with your day to day operations.

Simple & Secure

Getting started with Google Pay is simple — get set up in a few days, with no additional work required on your end. Plus, it’s secure. Google Pay protects payment info with industry-leading security technologies so customers can pay with peace of mind.

Same Waitrr Benefits

You enjoy the same benefits that comes with the Waitrr platform, allowing an increase in order frequency, faster order fulfilments and giving customers another widely accepted way to pay. Best of all, it’s free for all Waitrr merchants.